Things we like: the Bressignham Garden at Elm Bank
Beautiful Color at the Bressingham Garden at Elm Bank

The Gardens at Elm Bank, the headquarters of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, are a collection of beautiful gardens each focused around a theme. Weezie’s Garden is a garden designed for children, the Italianate Garden, designed by the Olmsted Brothers, is an homage to the formal gardens of Italy, and the New England Trial Garden gives gardeners an opportunity to see what growers are planning to release the next season.  There is also an Herb Garden, and Azalea and Rhododendron Garden. While each of these gardens is special, for gardeners and homeowners who appreciate the garden style of England, the Bressingham Garden is the one to see and explore.

The Bressingham Garden, at over an acre in size, is by far the largest garden at Elm Bank.  It was designed by Adrian Bloom, a renowned English garden designer, and features perennials selected for four-season interest.  According to Mass Hort, “plants featured promise to grow to a mature height under 30’ tall and have been selected for four season enjoyment and sustainability.”

A great feature of the garden is all of the plants are labeled, and most of the labels are accompanied with QR codes which, when you point your cell phone at them with the proper application, give you further information about the plants.

We recently paid a visit to the Bressingham Garden and were impressed with its beauty and layout. Take a look at the images below, and see if you agree.  It’s definitely one of the best landscape designs in the Dover and Wellesley area.