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Star magnolia and forsythia
As we rush about our daily tasks, the landscape will sometimes interrupt the endless internal list making within our heads and cause us to pause. “Wow, that’s pretty” we exclaim. For one brief moment, we are taken from our errands and rest in the moment. Driving into Wellesley on 135,...
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pennisetum rubrum, verbena in white and magenta, and white petunias
When looking for good garden design ideas, you may sometimes be surprised where you find them. I was struck by an artful planting as I was driving along Cambridge Street in Boston. This eye-catching mixed bed of perennials and annuals shows a way to approach the transition to fall. Usually...
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marathon daffodils wellesley
Out and about in Wellesley, we found many daffodils poking their heads up along the Boston Marathon route. They are there because of the strong effort made by two past trustees of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, the support of many volunteers, and Mass Hort’s guidance and help. Diane Valle and...
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Hamamelis x intermedia 'Jelena', Jelena witch hazel
We found some delightful surprises nestled in the snow. Snow drops and irises were expected, but a lovely Lenten Rose and Witch Hazel were a glorious surprise....
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