Gardens 2 Go:

Gardens 2 Go

Gardens 2 Go is now owned by Terrascapes.  We offer gardening services throughout the year.

Garden Maintenance Consultation and Planning: Determine routine garden maintenance needs for trees, shrubs, perennial plants and groundcovers. Includes: shrub pruning for size, structural integrity, restoration, and beauty – weeding – deadheading, seasonal cut backs and spring and fall bed clean-up.

Garden Restoration: Reverse garden from negligent care and poor garden practices, excess mulch removal, pruning & thinning for overgrowth, and other practices to renew an existing garden that just needs some TLC.

Seasonal Annuals and Perennial Care: Includes, planting seasonal annuals, rose care and other plant specific challenges.

Patio – Deck – Balcony Container Planting and Care: The container program includes basic planting and renewal of container plants by season. Drip irrigation systems will be installed if needed.

Small Garden installation: Perennial bed design and installation is available as needed.

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Please contact us to discuss any aspect of your landscape or if you wish to set up a courtesy consultation.

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