Driveway Garden - Terrascapes
Driveway Garden in Weston
Driveway Garden in Weston

This rock garden with an Asiatic flavor was inspired by the nearby wetland. The busy owner wanted her garden to be child friendly, drought tolerant and to reflect her artistic nature. Textural evergreens, bamboos, grasses and perennials surround the bowl planter which serves as the focal point and doubles as a home for the hose also providing seasonal interest.

Before and After

In an effort to provide 2 small kids with places to discover and play the dry stream-bed was designed for children to run and play in as well as be low maintenance. Spring provides color from the creeping phlox and purple dianthus and grasses and clumping bamboo provide tall cover for hiding behind. Low drought tolerant plantings were designed to conserve water and preserve the natural beauty of the 200 year old historic foundation. The Japanese maple was incorporated into the flavor of this rock garden to unite the inside interior with the outside as a focal point from the dining room window . Yellow Euphorbias were placed throughout the garden to weave the brilliant architectural color of the house into the colors of the garden.

The garden was designed with access for play and also four-season interest. In winter the creek fills with snow and can be viewed from the upper-level mudroom window as a winding white presence on the land.