An Outdoor Room - Terrascapes
Backyard in Jamaica Plain

Panorama Jamaica Plain landscape design

A room can be created where there are walls, fences or any enclosing perimeter. My clients in Jamaica Plain wanted a beautiful back yard garden and space to grow food, dine, entertain, and have a small pet run. This tiny space gave me the opportunity to compact the elements of a indoor room in an outdoor setting.

A sustainable patio was built with sealed gravel and custom blue stone to allow water to reach the roots of the nearby trees which were laced with outdoor tube lighting for an evening atmospheric glow. A stone water basin, carved in Rhode Island by an artisan, doubles as a water bowl for the beloved four-legged resident who also appreciated the tiny lawn installed specifically as a cool resting place. Fencing and existing walls were all adorned with wall art, some of which allows plants to casually climb their surface. The existing deck was demolished and replaced by a raised vegetable garden with vertical gardening on the walls and up bean poles. In addition a rain barrel, composter, and rain chain were installed to recycle water and organic food remnants back into the garden as nourishment.

Before and After