Woodland Slope Garden - Terrascapes
Woodland garden in Needham

Woodland slope garden patio

This woodland garden was a gift from our client to his wife. The emphasis was made to make a lush and welcoming space for contemplation and rest in the backyard and simplify the overgrown planting bed near the front entrance. By transplanting half the plants from the front planting bed around the corner to other areas of the garden we exposed more room for colorful annuals.

A lawn carpet through a native woodland pathway replaced a barren unpleasant space along the side of the house. Mature Mountain Laurels and Leucothoe were planted on one side of the path and dwarf azaleas on the other, along with astilbes and liriopes at both ends.We used a succession of blooming rhododendrons and an assortment of hostas and some evergreens to liven up the large bowl of the slope. Weeping grasses, vinca, and other groundcovers were planted for erosion control. Peony, bleeding hearts and other perennials were planted as a sentimental nod to family memories.

Planting beds were created around the patio and deck areas to cover desolate areas and screen utilities and wispy flowers were planted around stark evergreens to give a more garden feel to the space. And a wall terminus was softened with hydrangea and cascading perennials.

Before and After