Resources - Terrascapes


Many sustainable practices are represented in this small garden. Vertical gardening, permeable pavements, water conservation accessories, and recycled materials. For your reference we have provided some resources for these products below.
Vertical Garden Products: Wooly Pockets,, Classic Garden Trellis by Terra-Trellis, Honey Comb Modular Trellis available @, Water Conservation Accessories: Rain Barrell available @ Great American Rain Barrel, Rain Chain, just Google it, Recycled Products: Vegetable boxes available @ , Granite Stone basin by New England Fieldstone Basins, tumbled bluestone from Plymouth Quarries, MA. Gravel Binder: Gravellok, pourous stone paving. Designer, Susan Opton, Terrascapes, Needham, MA., Landscape Contractor, Level-10 Land Works, Marlborough, MA., Carpenter, Victor Pivovarov, Needham, MA.