Concept Plans - Terrascapes

Below are examples of concept plans that have been created for five residential and one commercial project. The concept plans serve to give the client an idea of what the finished installation will look like and include detailed drawings and example photographs. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.

Country Estate Concept Plan Desert Oasis Concept Plan Dry Creek Courtyard Concept Plan
This home sits in the suburbs of Virginia an area known for its beautiful scenery and rich history. The concept of the “Country Estate” was based in the region’s rural charm, small, picturesque towns and villages with established traditions of the hunt.The stately, yet welcoming front court was inspired by a Gertrude Jekyll design. Jekyll, a 19th century garden designer, used naturalistic plantings to convey a deep respect for the land. Open turf with paddock fencing, a pond water feature, and modern-style deck with natural stone pathways and patios were included in the design to preserve the landscape’s natural and open feeling.
Moving to a new development outside of San Francisco, gave these new homeowners a blank canvas to work with. A trip to Moab, Utah inspired them with a desire for a desert oasis in their small backyard. They requested a place to soak up the rays and enjoy a cool escape from the desert sun.

The central focus of this landscape was the installation a small lagoon pool. The design called for embedded red rocks along the perimeter with tropical palms fronting a mural of a Moab scene, allowing the homeowners to enjoy their personal oasis.


Association building restrictions made the idea of a creek seem impossible for this courtyard landscape. But the retired military couple was persistent in their dream of a stream water feature and Terrascapes was able to incorporate all their desired elements including a fire pit, covered patio, outdoor kitchen BBQ, a 25 foot dry creek and 2nd story access to their Coronado courtyard while also instilling a sense of intimacy for entertaining.
Concept Plan - English Country Cottage Philippine Tropics Concept Plan School Garden Concept Plan
Settling in the country to raise your kids is not always possible, but this family moved away from Seattle to do just that! The property’s abutting empty lot allowed the family to include this land and a large greenhouse as a natural learning ground. Materials such as gravel, stone, and wood were employed to preserve the family’s deep respect for nature. The family’s sense of place was fulfilled with rambling stone walls cascading with plants, a pergola in an open meadow, trails throughout the property and abutting slopes, and a gazebo overlooking the land.
The design also incorporates an un-railed deck surrounded by gravel and shade gardens. The intimate perennial and rose garden lining the front path leads the welcomed guests to this lovely country cottage!
A recently married couple with an attachment to their Filipino roots requested a unified landscape that would provide a space to informally entertain their extended family of 100! A wrap-around deck-patio, central front courtyard and bamboo side garden all contribute to directing guests around the property for food and or entertainment.

Terrascapes provided focal garden elements such as a Filipino-style cabana for sitting and storage, a Plumeria tree signifying the couples wedding in Hawaii, and sitting rocks placed throughout the landscape.


What better gift to give a retiring principal who loves gardening than a Storybook Garden. A degraded, unused space was transformed into a colorful lively place with the help of a children’s story, “Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden” by Edith Pattou. Now, Mrs. Wong’s Garden is a place where plants and children and community thrive and grow together. A Sunflower Sun mural was painted to reflect the “special watching over” that the school provides, plants, soil and labor were all donated by local businesses, and student handmade birdhouses are sprinkled throughout the garden and the surrounding campus.