Finding Signs of Spring - Terrascapes
Hamamelis x intermedia 'Jelena', Jelena witch hazel

Most of us have been muttering, “Will Spring ever come?” with blizzard conditions forecasted for the cape. We found some delightful surprises nestled in the snow. Snow drops and irises were expected, but a lovely Lenten Rose and Witch Hazel were a glorious surprise.

Now is the time to start to (gently) uncover the crowns of perennials. However, leave clearing every last leaf in your yard until the forsythia are in full bloom. The leaves will help stabilize the soil temperature. Obvious dead branches can be pruned and picked up but try not to walk on the thawing soil and lawn areas. Spring fever is strong but try to keep your itchy fingers to pruning dead wood. Stay tuned for more gardening tips.