Professional Weekly & Monthly Garden Services - Terrascapes

Professional Weekly & Monthly Garden Services

Weekly Garden Maintenance Includes:

  • Cutting and Edging all grassy areas
  • Pruning and Trimming all shrubs and plants as needed
  • Hosing off all walkways and spraying down the plants and trees
  • Checking for weeds and keeping them out of the garden
  • Checking soil for overly dry or wet areas
  • Making any necessary irrigation changes
  • Looking for signs of fungus, insects, mildew and any other harmful signs
  • Asking client if there are any special needs or concerns that may have arisen

Other services available:

  • Cutting of any plants over 8’feet high
  • Fertilizing treatments
  • Insect treatments
  • Irrigation repairs
  • Plant installation
  • Other necessary repairs due to extreme weather conditions