Shrub & Rose Care :

Shrub & Rose Care

Shrub & Rose Care includes the structural and aesthetic pruning critical for plant health. Terrascapes employs structural pruning techniques to eliminate weak, unhealthy and improper branching growth and to improve the visual appearance of the plant.  Aesthetic pruning is used to eliminate crossing branches, open up dense growth, and shape for desired form and height, as well as to correct many other visual issues.

We also offer Organic Rose Care (beyond seasonal pruning). All roses will follow an organic rose care program which requires pruning to commence when the forsythia bloom. The program includes April composting, May fertilization & horticultural oil spray, and consistent watering. Climbing roses will need to be sprayed for black spot, rust, aphids, and spider mites. If horticultural oils do not work, we will NOT use chemicals due to the Bee Hive Collapse Disorder which has caused our pollinators to decrease in huge numbers over the past 3 years. An early effort to PREVENT rose disease and promote rose health will be employed.

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