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Replacing a front lawn with a beautiful garden is getting a lot of attention these days, and more homeowners are making the change to this low-maintenance alternative. The benefits are many, including less or no time on lawn care, saving water in times of drought, and using fewer chemicals and herbicides which put a strain on our water systems.  But the biggest benefit is the opportunity to create an eye-catching garden in a prominent place on your property.

With a proper design, you can replace your grass with drought-tolerant native plants or with shrubs and colorful mixes of perennial and annual flowers and herbs.

Front yards are often the best place to consider making the change from lawn to garden. Unlike a backyard which features play sets, patios, or decks, front yards are more flexible and better adapted to a garden treatment. The transformation from lawn to garden can be complete or can be designed to reduce the size and importance of the lawn.

Our philosophy has consistently been focused on reducing lawns and creating gardens in their place. Here are some examples of no-mow front yards Terrascapes had designed.


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