New Patio with a Low Maintenance Garden - Terrascapes

Patio design in Needham

Landscaping that accommodates pets is a common challenge for homeowners. The four-legged white husky that lives on this property loved to race from one side of the house to the other grooving a lane in the lawn and tracking mud into the house. The dirt ruts were transformed into step stone pathways bounded and unified by a new fence with conifer and perennial gardens. A small low-maintenance patio, where the family of four could enjoy their stone fire-bowl and casual conversation, replaced a high maintenance deck. Sitting walls provide additional permanent seating. The house husky now greets her visitors under the welcoming arbor with clean feet!

The giant maple in the center of the yard created large swaths of shade throughout the space. Hostas, hydrangeas, lobeleas, and other shade tolerant plants were used in the shady garden areas and easy-care perennials and grasses, such as fountain grass, Russian sage, and achillea were used in sunnier corners of the garden. The clients preferred a low maintenance garden which kept the plant pallet at the “evergreen” spectrum. Where enough light poked through the newly pruned tree specimen, we planted a conifer garden. A planting bed with tall and luscious plants screened the unsightly bulkhead. Given the tightness of the patio space, interest was added with uniquely shaped sitting walls and a custom bluestone paving pattern.

Before and After