Stonework and its role in garden and landscape design

Integrating house and garden into a seamless whole can be achieved with strong structural elements like boulders or bedrock. They are a unifying element and if you are not lucky enough to have either on your property there is always a way to truck them in. If you have just a few boulders out in the garden or woodland, or one shoulder of bedrock, you can use them to your advantage by including them in your landscape plan as bold features.

Stone elements enrich existing planting schemes, create new opportunities and solve difficult problems while also providing permanence to the landscape. Stone walls can add additional seating in a small space, gravel paths are an easy do-it-yourself method for installing working space in a vegetable garden, boulder edging can act as a natural divide between asphalt and garden and stone slab staircases can easily pave badly worn cut-through lanes. Stone solutions add structure and solve difficult problems.


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