The Landscape Design Process:

The Landscape Design Process

Step stone path through sunny perennial gardenTerrascapes Landscape Design aims to reflect your unique lifestyle and to allow you to balance your busy schedule with outdoor enjoyment. Using functional artistic elements such as water, stone, vegetation and light, we fashion a place for all to enjoy that incorporates sustainable garden philosophies.

Here are the steps involved in having a landscape design project go from idea to completion.

Initial Contact – Call 781-449-1788 or email us for a free telephone consultation to determine if Terrascapes can meet your garden and landscape needs. A brief 10 – 20 minute conversation should determine whether our skills are what you need. After that an initial site visit can be scheduled.

Initial Site Visit
– We begin with a face-to-face meeting at the site to determine the scope of the project and to ensure a good fit between the client and Terrascapes. During this meeting we will bring our questionnaire to aid in the design process. We ask a lot of questions in order to determine your lifestyle, usage and maintenance requirements.  ($90 per hour, minimum 1 hour). The fee for the initial site visit will be applied to the cost of the design if you choose Terrascapes as your landscape design service provider.

Proposal and Contract
We will document our ideas and deliverables for you and present them in written form usually within a week of our initial site visit.

Site Analysis Visit After the proposal and contract have been agreed to and signed, Terrascapes will travel to the site to measure, photograph and take notes.

Concept DevelopmentAfter the analysis, we are ready to form ideas about space function and locations.

Design DevelopmentFollowing the concept development, we transition the concepts into a detailed design illustrating plants, walkways, walls, and other hardscapes. This design is presented to the client for discussion and revision.

Final Design including BudgetThe complete final drawing with budget and material lists is presented to the client and used for the installation. The budget is based on using our own contractors. Terrascapes is aware that some clients prefer to choose their own contractors. This will require us to meet with the contractor at the job site to review the site for their budget estimates. If you choose to use your own contractor, additional drawings may be required.

Installation – When the client uses Terrascapes’ recommended contractors, the project management is a percentage of the total installation.  If the client chooses their own contractor, in order to maintain the design’s integrity, Terrascapes will provide project management during the installation invoiced at the current project management hourly rate.

Plant Selection and Placement & Sale – Terrascapes is a licensed plant retailer. Our trained staff hand selects and purchases the best plants at the best price. Proper plant selection insures the lowest risk of plant loss after installation. We make every effort to support local and family agriculture where possible as well as larger nursery farms nearby. To ensure proper design placement, a Terrascapes employee will lay out all the selected plant material for the assigned contractor. (6.25% MA sales tax included)

Observation – Terrascapes insists on observing all installations to insure that your design is installed properly. Terrascapes does its best to screen contractors for price, ethics and efficiency, however, we do not have control over the seasonal planting help that is renewed annually. Proper planting technique and placement are insured by our staff presence. This is included in the project management fee.

Irrigation and Lighting – Terrascapes does not guarantee any plant material unless a proper irrigation system is in place. Irrigation and lighting contractors can be recommended upon request.

Our Plant Warranty – Terrascapes guarantees plant material if there is a proper irrigation system in place and if a Terrascapes trained staff employee selects and purchases the plants. We do not guarantee any plant material selected or purchased by anyone other than a Terrascapes trained staff member. If those conditions are met, we will warranty plant material through November 15th after installation. If plant material cannot be replaced immediately, we will replace it the following spring or as soon as it becomes available.

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